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Ethical Hacking

Module Particulars: 1

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Defining hackers

Why you need to Hack Your Own Systems

Understanding the Dangers Your Systems Face

Steps to conduct Ethical Hacking

Network infrastructure attacks

Operating system attacks

Application and other specialized attacks

How Hackers hide their identity while performing the attack

System Hacking and protection

Hacking Windows password

Hacking Linux password

Advanced password recovery

Building strong password policy

Hiding messages behind images

Hiding and encrypting drive, folder and data

Threats your system faces

Protection from threats

Information Gathering

Get to know how hackers gather information about victim on


Information gathering of websites & networks

Scanning & structuring of websites

Finding Admin Panel of websites

Google Hacking

Using Google as hacking tool

Advanced operators of Google

Finding vulnerable websites using Google

Finding Target networks using Google

Attacks on Network

Network penetration using Metasploit

Top 10 Network Security Mistakes4

Web Application Attacks

Web Application Overview

Web Application Attacks using Backtrack Linux

OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Trojans on websites

SQL injection attacks

XSS attacks

20 dangerous programming mistakes by web developers

Countermeasure for Web attacks

Wireless Security

Wireless Protocols

Attacks on Wireless Routers

Securing routers from Hackers



A+ & N+

Duration: 1 Month